This is the next step after resumes have been sourced through various methodologies like Job Postings , Print Media, Referrals ,Placement agencies, Career site and Resume databases. Outsourcing this function increase sourcing productivity by focusing only on pre screened and evaluated candidates who have passed through the screening funnel by The Search House .It also saves a lot of your core recruitment time .
.You just need to give us your job specifications, selection criteria, mandatory and desirable skills and other selection parameters. We will carefully sift through all the resumes and shortlist the right resumes as per your specifications and present you those who match very close to your requirements. Acting as another layer in the virtual funnel, our screening solution delivers the most qualified and interested candidates into the hands of your recruitment team.
Your recruiters may be wasting valuable time contacting candidates who are no longer available? Not interested? Not suitable? Or simply not contactable? Or you are faced with the situation where you had advertised on the job boards or your corporate website and are now inundated with resumes? Also you are not sure about the screening criteria to follow in this case having too stringent criteria can lead to elimination of good candidates from the potential pool whereas having too lenient criteria can result in an unnecessarily large pool with too many unqualified candidates.

  • We contact potential candidates by email and/or telephone
  • We contact candidates from 9:00 am to 10:00pm 7 days a week
  • Uses customised templates with specific screening questions
  • Undertake detailed telephone assessments and skills validation
  • Administer the selection tests and schedule interviews

  • Increase sourcing productivity by only focusing on available, interested and qualified candidates
  • Increase TAT by speedily contacting a high number of pre screened candidates in a shorter time